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Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.


Home & Garden Relay For Life. - The Olde Lighthouse

This is a stunning little feature for your home or land, i was amazed when i first clicked this when every section of the lighthouse was opening and showing all the detailed little furniture inside of it - it is definitely one of the most surprising and neatest things i have seen to date.

A little about this creators miniature's and how they are designed. Be sure to head to the Home and Garden charity event and make sure you pop over the the designers store.

All of the dollhouses and historic miniatures are made from prims. Sometimes as many as 2000 of them! As the build takes shape, I organize the prims into large groups and link them together. Then I use a script that converts the prims to mesh.

Or as I like to think, there's a lot of magic involved :) - Cassie Eldemar


H&G Expo -

Little Big Designs

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Draw or paint me a picture and tell me the stories behind it . Grip my mind and mould it into your painting, show me what it feels like to be apart of your world.


Home & Garden Expo - For Relay for life.

3 stunning Pictures Done by donna i placed them above my bed as i love a bit of calm in my bed and these pictures just bring that calmness to my world.

A little Bit about Donna - My name is DonnaBrasco Resident from the Netherlands. I start with photography around February 2020. Donna has dedicated herself to doing work for the relay for life charity event.

Pic 1 - Landscape with Baskets

Pic 2 - Grey Cat

Pic 3 - Butterflies

Check out Donna's Art:

H& G Expo Event: -

Gallery: -

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Chilling out on a Sunday evening in my best underwear and a fine red wine, is my perfect end to a hectic week.


[ LsR ] - Sexy Ryn Suit Lingerie.

Very sexy and very well fitting Lingerie ( one of my favourites )

✩✩[ LsR ] - Sexy Ryn Suit Lingerie Fatpack/

100% Original Mesh Includes: [✔]Mesh:Bra / Panties [✔]Hud Textures 35 Lace Textures/35 Fishnet Textures/4 Metals Textures [✔]Sizes: Legacy [ Classic - Perky ] Maitreya [ Lara - Petite ] [✔]Single Items available 'TWO TEXTURE [✔]Full Options in FatPack

✩✩ Exclusive for WCF - LSR for WCF March Round Open 1st March


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SamPoses - SamPoses - Liquid Therapy

This pose comes with a auto rezz glass of wine to chill down after a hectic day or week ( perfection for me after the busy week i have had.)

In this pose stand there are 5 option poses to choose from pose stand for this lovely pose is built into this gorgeous pink chair.

For this weeks fly buy Friday for the price at100L$ at the mainstore after the weekend normal price in mainstore and marketplace


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