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2's Company 3's A Crowd.♔838♔

“But I always say, one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party”.

📌 Credits:

SYNNERGY.TAVIS//Little Shops Scene

This full scene is only 69 land impact.

Little Shops Scene will be on sale for 90L at Wow Weekend from November 4th - 7th 2022

📌 Credits:


[F]Pose Set #50 (Pose Stand & Coffee Cups Included) will be on sale for 90L at Wow Weekend from November 4th - 7th 2022

📌 Urls:

Store -

Synnergy.Tavis FB Page:

Synnergy.Tavis Instagram:

Synnergy.Tavis Flickr:


📌 Credits:

! Black Swan ! Stella lingerie dress Fatpack

wonderful new lingerie dress.. sensual, hot & sexy 8 styles available safe over 60% with the


This Lingerie dress can be found instore and on mp.

📌 Urls:

Flickr - Blogger Manager: Peach Boucher (Peachy Boucher)


📌 Credits:

Buxom - Charlotte Heels Tall Fatpack.

Rigged for Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, Kupra, Erika

Fat Pack HUD w/ 22 Colour Options 14 Sole Options for Heels

Shoes are Copy & Modify We recommend that you make a copy before modifying colors.

You can always unpack a new copy or grab a redelivery if needed from the redelivery terminal in the main store. Items may appear as No Mod in your inventory, that is the hud script inside, once you wear them, click Edit on the item in your inventory and that will pop up your edit window and allow you to tint the colours.

These Heels can be found @ Dubai Event - From October/20th/2022

📌 Urls:

Mp -


Fb -

Dubai Event -

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