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Afternoon Delight.โ™”651โ™”

Today been a good day, from the morning surprises to the afternoon.

๐ŸŒธ Credits:

.:Tm:.C. D15 Provence Breakfast Flowers Set.

Breakfast tray with teapot, cups, plate with dessert, cloth

Land Impact: 4

Approx.sizes: meters 1.2 wide x 1 deep

Vase with flowers Land Impact: 2

Approx.sizes: meters 0.5 wide x 0.5 deep x 0.7 height

100% **Original** Mesh

Permission: Copy | Modify | No Transfer

You can unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish

You can find this set instore and on mp.

๐ŸŒธ Urls:

Store -

Mp -


FLICKR Group -

Fb -


๐ŸŒธ Other Decor:

Rockin Morrocan Patio Sofa

Rockin Morrocan Eucalyptus Canopy

{anc} flottante puppy.

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