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Egyptian Goddess.♔1092♔

“She comes closer to me. She is beautiful, in the way lightning striking across a storm-swept sky is beautiful: dangerous and distant.”

📌 Credits:

🌸ERSCH - Egypt -fatpack🌸

♥ERSCH - Egypt Set - Legacy,♥ Legacy Perky♥, Kupra♥, Lara♥, Reborn♥, Reborn Waifu♥, Reborn Mounds♥

These 2 sets are taking part in September round of Arcade!


Store -


Flickr Group


📌 Credits:

🌸The Bearded Guy- Sand Clouds Backdrop🌸

Beautiful Rocky sand backdrop, just what i was looking for to do this pic, (Camel is not included in backdrop.)

★This Backdrop can be found instore and on mp.


Store -

Mp -

Flickr -

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