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Festivities & Candy Canes.♔504♔

You remind me of a candy cane – sweet and a little twisted! Candy canes remind us to stick to it, even when life throws us a curve.


[DPSP] - Sweet as candy.

This prop has the built in poses there are 4 poses to choose from and the built in adjust system to make life easier adjusting , there is also a guide notecard to help you adjust shaping of avatar to make the pose fit you just how you want it to be.

This prop & pose can be found instore - this weekend(10-13 December ) on sale at Fly Buy Friday.


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[ LsR ] - Sexy Irisha Suit Big

This lovely suit comes with Shirt Shirts socks and in the big Fatpack it comes with the boots also.

This suit fits bodies - Legacy - Legacy Perky - Maitreya - Maitreya petite it comes with a extensive 70 colour hud. so you can mix and match to your taste.

This suit can be found @ Tres chic from Nov 17th - 10th dec 2021


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