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It's A Campers Life.♔1020♔

Warning: Lack of camping may cause irritability stress and sadness. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a camper, which is kind of the same thing.

📌 Credits:

🌸[Glitzz] Yanka Set - Fatpack🌸

This fatpack comes in 20 colours and is rigged for maitreya legacy kupra reborn & Khara.

This dress can be found instore and on mp.


Store -

Mp -

Flickr -

Fb -

Tumblr -


📌 Credits:

🌸Fashiowl - Camper Life - Fatpack.🌸

1. Table: A camp table with food. Only Decor (no poses).

2. Raccoons : A trash can with raccoons to take fun photos with raccoon attack!

3. Play: A couple pose with soccer ball.

4. Tired: A couple pose.

5. Bicycle: A bicycle with couple poses (1 male and 3 female)

6. Otters: A couple of animated otters, 1 animated otter to put a range in meters for it to swim in the lake. Another animated otter jumping

7. Campfire: A campfire with 3 couple poses

8. Chairs: 1 male and 1 female chair with 5 different poses each. It also includes a menu to change the color of each chair, up to 14 colors.

9. Tent: A tent with 3 couple poses.

10. Puppies: 2 puppies with 3 poses each

11. Camper Life RARE : The rare item is a mountain scene, with animals (a goat, two static otters, a rabbit, a cat) it also includes a tent and a car with its caravan. All with a lot of vegetation, a lake with a goose, a boat and many more details!... all decorated so that you can complete it with the commons. Together there will be a super cute corner ♥

This can now be found instore and on mp.


Fb -

Mp -

Flickr -

Wix -

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