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It's A Girls World.โ™”876โ™”

Unicorns clothes shoes makeup it is definitely a girls world.

๐ŸŽ„ Credits:

*Just BECAUSE* Tasha Shirt & Skirt Fatpack.

This set comes with a shirt and a top.

Classy outfit that I thought would be perfect for November AND December and even Christmas! Wear a red top with green skirt or white skirt or vice versa and you have a holiday outfit, or if you still want to revel in autumn you can wear a yellow top with brown skirt. The versatility is great! Fitted for Lara/Legacy/Kupra/Reborn/GenX Classic & Curvy.

This set can be found instore and on mp.

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๐ŸŽ„ Credits:

[Ds] Whimsy - Bonnie Unicorn.

In addition to masses of texture options, Bonnie is proud to have a freshly prepared engine, with heaps of the most up to date animations blending with some firm favourites you may recognise from her predecessor, Betsy. Don't worry, Betsy has taught Bonnie all the good tricks and is very happy to be retired and is kicking up her heels in a rainbow filled sunset.

Getting right into the details, you can play with the following options:

Blanket - choose from one of 8 options

Mane - choose from one of 5 options

Metals - Gold or Silver, with the horn, or without.

Rug - mix and match with 8 border options and 16 centre options

Tack - Reins, saddle and bow all matching, from 10 options

Saddle Trim - choose from 10 options

Pg 250 Animations

Adult 406 Animations.

This item can be found instore and on mp.

๐ŸŽ„ Urls:

Store - Flickr -

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Blog - Insta -

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