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Just One More Pin Should Do It.♔422♔

Loving someone is sticking a pin through a voodoo doll and not hitting any vital organs - Falling out of love means you hit them vital organs hard.

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[HU] Eleanor Outfit.

Have Unequal are100% Original Mesh Products.

This set comes with a harness for the top and the bottom in the fatpack you have the option of showing the breast lace or having the breasts out by clicking the lace to hide also the same feature for the crotch lace.

There are 5 metals in this set and also 12 colour options to choose from.

This sexy outfit can be found at Fameshedx

📌 Urls:

Store -

Mp -

Flickr -

Fb -

FameshedX -

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[LERONSO] OLESYA skin for Lelutka EVO X

In with this you get head skin body skin ear skin and also brow shape and the body shape to work with i used my own personal shape to blog this skin

A beautiful skin by leronso for Lelutka Avalon head. This skin is only for Lelutka Evo X! Body skin included. All shades in the package.

This skin is available at the 2MUCH Event!

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This sweet hair comes with 6 hairbases to choose from and a lovely wee cute bun to add onto the back of your hairstyle.

The hair is very Tidy and petite and would look lovely for any evening wear event.

This hairbase is available at the :::Beauty Event:

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[LERONSO] Mesh stiletto nails "Shiny Shane"

really stunning pointed nails from Leronso whenever i wear these people always notice them and pass positive comments on them

These nails come with a hud with 6 different colours to wear i am wearing the red ones to match the outfit i am wearing.

The nails can be found instore and on mp.

📌 Urls:

Store -

Mp -

Flick -

Fb -

Beauty Event -

2Much Event -

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