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Kittens = Angels with whiskers.♔#278♔

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.”


.:Tm:.C. R11 Frill Heart Rug-Sw- Very smooth animations in this rug, there are M - F Bento M - F couples and adults, it is def worth a look and it will decorate and make any house or place feel like home.

@Swank Event (Open 7th to 30th April ,2021) - In .:Tm:.Creation store after event


.:Tm:.C. GP39 A touch of spring Flowers Pot.

Stunning planters either side of the rug, comes with two options to choose from.

Dark wood or shabby wood, in my eyes they are both very stunning and look great together.

These planters can be found instore or on Mp.


Store -

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