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Pizza N Netflix Night.♔951♔

Saturday nights are made for Pizza and Netflix. whether it be a movie or a tv show pizza night is always the best.

📌 Credits:

MeHoney - Ting Fatpack.

Hi friends. We want to present you our new incredibly sexy and bright set. Has 9 colors. The top is presented with a delicate transparent texture. The Fat Pack has a HUD with 9 top base colors and 9 lace colors. One pack has a HUD for lace changes only. The skirt is presented in denim texture and has 9 colors. For Fat Pack, there are buttons to change 9 base colors, 7 metal colors, 9 button colors. Also, each package has a button to disable the pocket. There is one skirt color and 7 metal change colors and 9 button change colors in one package. Stockings are presented in two versions for normal thighs and for soft ones.The stockings are presented in a light kapron texture with a shiny buckle. There is also glitter on the base of the stockings, which can be put on or taken off as desired. Each package has a HUD with color changing rhinestones, 9 colors.There is also a button to change the 9 colors of the buckle. Panties are presented in 9 colors with delicate sparkles, which can be changed by color. Sizes: • Maitreya • Legacy • L.Perky • INTHIUM KUPRA • E.Reborn These garters are compatible with and without MAZE "Soft Thighs.

Coming Kinky Event

📌 Urls:

Store -

Fb -

Kinky Event -


📌 Credits:

NANI Shape was specifically made for the LeLUTKA AVALON Head and any mesh body.

Package has 3 body options: Maitreya, Legacy, BELLEZA GEN.X

So you get the look that is on the photo.

This shape is @ THE DARKNESS EVENT

📌 Urls:

Store -

Flickr -

Flickr -

Mp -

Darkness Event -


📌 Credits:

.:Tm:.C. D30 A touch of Gothic Decors.

Table console with cloth (2 vers. black and bordeaux lace color) and black roses bloom:

LI 3 each - Approx. sizes m. 1.6 wide x 0.6 deep

Vase with red roses: LI 1 - Book with rose: LI 1

Pottery: Tea Cups: LI 1 - Bowls with necklace: LI 1 - Bowl: LI 0.5

**Example of the 2 vers. all item linked included in fatpack LI: 6 (you can unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish) **

100% Mesh - Permission: Copy | Modify | No Transfer

(Available in Fatpack or sold separately)

@Chronicles & Legends Creatures of the Night (Open March 10 to 1 April, 2023)

📌 Urls:

Store - Mp - FLICKR - FLICKR Group - Fb -

Chronicles & Legends -


📌 Backdrop:

Focus - Slflix & Chill.

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