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Sending My love Via A Dove.♔354♔

Sending my love to you above, my brother my friend until the very end. Since you been gone nothing really feels right i need my strong brother to talk to at night. You was the light in the day the ease in the night you was everything dear brother that made everything seem to bright.

One day we will meet again my sweet larger than life man, Until that moment i will live my life the very best i can. Missing you Bro 2 yrs since you left not a day goes by where i don't think about you the memories will live on the laughs can still be heard i will follow the rainbow to you one day just be waiting there for me and our fun and games can go on. (Richart Hart - Fuzzyblueman)


Ruby Poses - Sales Bag - Shes Angelic.

This pose came just at the right time for me, i was looking what to blog next for Ruby's poses and Wendi had made this pose a little while ago.

This pose comes with a lovely Halo and a stunning white dove.

Pose can be found on Mp and instore.


Store -

MP -

Flickr -

Fb -

Sassy's Outfit:

Dress - *CK* True angel dress WHITE - Mp

Shoes - :[P]:- Vaena Angel - Ankle Halos - Mp

Cleavage piercings - glutz . cleavage dermals - Mp

Hair - Doux -Sienna ( Kustom9)


Backdrop is edited for my pose but it comes from Something new props & Poses.

SN~ Angels Rest

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