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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to flick to my About Me section.

I have been in second-life around 15 yrs now and a lot has changed over the years.

I have seen a lot of people come and go over that period of time.Bloggers, Photographers, Great Singers , DJ's Creators and so forth.


With all that being said each is a human life, that has crossed ours along the way. Some have passed away leaving us with a memories, a sense of loss and a void that can not be filled. Some we lose contact with as life changes and places us on a different path. 

I started out my Second-Life with my real life son, Yes he brought me into this great unknown world. At first I never stayed I didn't know how to walk, message, or even pick up them damn Lindens from the Linden tree's & camping just drove me insane.

I Eventually came back and started to enjoy what Second-Life had to offer which was a "Huge" impact on me when i discovered the Music scene  ! Live Singers ! Concerts! Live DJ's. I grasped the music side of life with both hands, and threw myself into becoming a DJ, and to this very day its something i enjoy and love with a passion.

I even gave the Live singing a bit of a dabble to which I very much enjoyed but soon lost my confidence in it ( Not as easy to hide ) You bare yourself completely in-front of people, some are kind some not so kind.


As my Life within Second-Life changes once more I have decided to once more throw myself into something completely different something I have wanted to do for a few years now but lacked the confidence to do so.

I have always loved doing my Photography within Second~Life, even cleaning up some old pictures from real life from time to time for people.

Second-Life is a extension of who I am in real life, this to me, is not a no consequence game.. It is a platform a great big huge platform, giving people from around the world a chance to share love give and take what they need, to help them get by in there daily lives.

Whether it is a good life or a bad life we all have our daily struggles some more than others. Second-life brings a lot of joy to people and it can be there only social life.

I am hoping with my Blog my love of music I can share both with each and all that visits this page.


Thank you once more for visiting my page, and I hope you enjoy watching it grow as much as I will be enjoying sharing my Second~Life.

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