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Beach Vibes.♔1107♔

Life takes you down many paths, but the best ones lead to the beach, Good times and tan lines.

📌 Credits:

🌸[Glitzz] Bia Top - Fatpack🌸

♥This top is rigged for bodies - Kupra ♥Legacy Perky♥ Maitreya Petite♥ Reborn♥ Waifu♥ Fatpack comes with the full colour hud.

★This top was for Saturday sale but now can be found instore and on mp★

📌 Credits:

🌸[Glitzz] Hello Summer Hunt

No 26 from summer hunt - [Glitzz] Summer Sunglasses - Special pack - 25

♥ I am wearing the watermelon glasses.♥

No 3 from the summer hunt - [Glitzz] Tracy Set - Tutti frutti

♥ I am wearing the Panties from the set, to match up with the top.♥

No 24 from the summer hunt - [Glitzz] Summer Hat - Special Pack.

♥ I am wearing the [Glitzz] Summer Hat - Special Pack. ♥

★The Summer hunt has ended now so you can get these items instore or on mp.★


Store -

Mp -

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Tumblr -


📌 Credits:

🌸Fashiowl - Happy Tiki - Fatpack🌸

Fashiowl - Happy Tiki - Beach Bar - RARE.

Fashiowl - Happy Tiki - 10 - Beach Scene.

I am using Fashiowl - Happy Tiki - 3 - 1 Wearable with AO from the big set.

Info on full set.

1. Ice Cream: 1 Pose wearable with AO

2. Mix : 6 static poses . wear to animate ( Parrot, bartender poses with drinks, energy drink... included) (wear)

3. Cocktails: 4 different cocktails wearable with AO

4. Octopus: 4 static poses with octopus, mask and tube (wear)

5. Watermelon: 4 static poses with watermelon (wear)

6. Stools: 2 stools in 4 colours each. 4 different poses for each stool (rez and sit)

7. Surf: 4 static poses with surfboard (wear)

8. Beach Ball: 3 static poses with beach ball (wear) and 1 wearable with AO pose

9. Popsicle: 4 different popsicles wearable with AO

10. Beach Scene: A complete beach Scene full decorated

11. Happy Tiki Beach Bar RARE : The rare item is a tiki bar, is a complete fully decorated, with food, neon's, cats, surfboard rental stall, details everywhere. You can create great scenes with the complete pack!

★You can find this set instore and on mp.★


Fb -

Mp -

Flickr -

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