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Dip In The Hot Tub.♔#281♔

I feel sexy when I get out of the tub - your skin is fresh and you've put up your hair without looking.


*CY* Shai . Towel/Head Towel.

❤Introducing Shai from CandiYamz. She is a beautiful wrap around towel with a matching head towel. Shai can be worn in home, spa centers, or even at the beach! Enjoy her! Coming to "The Inithium Event" April 18, 2021 12pm slt ❤8 Solids Sold Individually ❤16 Solds + 11 Bonus Colors in CandiHUD! via CandiPACK! ❤CandiPACK! Available Discounted Price Please Try Demo Before Purchase. Legacy . Perky - Kupra . Bimbo - Love Momma - Freya - Maitreya.

This outfit can be found instore and on Mp.


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