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I Think I Wanna Marry You.♔1017♔

Well, I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go No one will know, oh, come on girl Who cares if we're trashed, got a pocket full of cash we can blow Shots of patron and it's on, girl, Who cares, baby, I think I wanna marry you !!

📌 Credits:

🌸Son!a-Edge - Eternity Wedding Gown🌸 Included - Gown, two veil styles, bouquet of flowers, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets, Crown, a single colour hud to choose flower colours, jewels, and metals ,petals. Khara, Kupra, GenX Curvy, Reborn, Legacy, Maitreya i am wearing reborn

Can be found @ @ WIP event after that instore and on mp.


Fb -

Mp -

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Wip event -


Taken @ Cloverfield Wedding Venue

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