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Life's A Breeze.♔1083♔

Oh, my God, this amazing cool breeze is coming through my window and the sun is shining. I'm happy.

📌 Credits:

🌸[Ds] Breeze - Bed AK with Rezzing RLV Traps v1.0🌸

[Ds] Breeze - Bed Adult Kink with 561 animations

[Ds] Breeze - Bed Adult Vanilla with 456 animations

[Ds] Breeze - Bed PG with 199 animations

The Breeze Bed is designed to give you that wonderful chilled feeling while you relax in your bedroom. Settle in perfect comfort and gaze at your sweetie while you decide exactly what's going to happen next!

** Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu

** 7 woods, 6 metals, 22 Fabrics, 7 presets

** AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled

** Copy/Mod/No Transfer

** Land Impact 25

** Strong LOD

** Highly Detailed

** Original Mesh

** Original Hand Made Textures

** Matching items available - Seating megapack, loveseat, side tables, hammock, sofa, chair and much more!

You can find this Breeze bed instore and on mp.


Store - Flickr -

Mp -

Blog - Insta -


📌 Credits:

🌸*Vanilla Bae* Vera Top Blogger Pack🌸

Rigged for bodies - Maitreya,♥ Legacy,♥ Ebody Reborn,♥ Waifu♥

Strip Me Interactive 3 Steps + Fully Nude - Can be taken off via menu by a partner

Strip me menu access includes: Private, Public, Add Master

Non interactive option (step 1 only, no strip scripts)

Fat Pack includes 2 HUDS + Writing HUD

You can find Vanilla Bae - Vera Top - Uber Event






Uber Event -


📌 Credits:

🌸RAWR! Lilith Bellybutton Piercing🌸

Rigged Full colour change HUD Hide/show features Please try demo

This Belly piercing is a Warehouse Sale Exclusive August 23rd

📌 Credits:

🌸RAWR! Glitz Armlets🌸

Rigged Full colour change hud hide/show features

These armlets can be found instore and on mp.

📌 Credits:

🌸RAWR! Divine Bracelets.🌸

Rigged Full colour change HUD Hide/show features Please try demo

These bracelets can be found instore and on mp.


Warehouse Sale -

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