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Love Is A Loosing Game.♔519♔

For you, I was a flame Love is a losing game Five-storey fire as you came Love is a losing game One I wish I never played Oh, what a mess we made And now, the final frame Love is a losing game.


[LERONSO] NOMUSA skin for Lelutka EVO X

Sassy Is wearing her own personal shape.

This skin is for Lelutka Evo X only please take a demo, skin comes in several tones:

Brownie Cocoa Earth Truffles Walnut all with or without brows.

This skin comes with the matching ear tattoos.

This skin does not come with the body skin - body skin can be found instore.

Skin can be found instore or mp.


[LERONSO] HAIRBASE v16 for Lelutka EVO X

With this lovely hairbase - The package also includes a mesh bun and HUD to change its color.

There are 12 colours to choose from.

This wonderful hair and hair base is available from Beauty event from 21st Dec - 11th Jan 2022.


Store -

Mp -

Flick -

Fb -

Beauty Event -




Wow another great pair of heels from Kc Couture this stunning slingback heels come in a fatpack selection of mix and match colours a wonder 50 colour hud to change all parts of the heels,

These shoes also give you the option to wear or remove the bow.

These stunning heels are instore or on mp.


Store -

Mp -

Flickr -

Fb -



R.O.S.S - R.O.S.S - Spanker (Meshbody Legacy F) v4.1

R.O.S.S - R.O.S.S - Boob Slapper (Meshbody Legacy F) v4.1

R.O.S.S Info:

v4.1 Nov 2021

🔧 Chat IM will now send a private message to both the owner and the clicker.

v4.0 Nov 2021

✚ Added support for LoveBridge. Spanks will trigger Lovense toy vibration at power levels based on current redness and fade-in speed of spanker (read LoveBridge section of notecard for caveats).

✚ Added versions for eBODY Reborn, Meshbody Legacy F / Perky / Petite

✚ Reworked fade-in speeds:

Slow - Adds one phase of redness per click

Medium - Adds 3 phases of redness per click

Fast - Adds 5 phases of redness per click

Turbo - Adds 10 phases of redness per click

Instant - Adds all 20 phases of redness in one click

✚ Added ability to use custom animations. Simply drop animations inside the click prim of the spanker and they will trigger randomly when slapped, alongside the default animations. Either can be disabled in the menu.

✚ It is now possible to use the Copy URI button in an avatars profile when adding avatars to the whitelist, blacklist, and menu access list.

✚ Added an option to hide the object name of the spanker in chat messages. Object name is hidden by default and can be made visible again in the Text section of the menu if required.


Store -

Mp -

Fb -


Sassy's Accessories:

Body - [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Pregnancy Edition (1.4)

RAWR! Amorous Armlet

RAWR! Bamboo Triangle HUMAN Earrings EvoX & Unrigged

RAWR! Ice Princess Choker and Necklace UPDATED

RAWR! Snow Queen Nails

RAWR! Snow Queen Rings

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