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Peace & Tranquility Inner Love.♔421♔

“Meditation helps us attain inner peace. When our soul contacts the Light beyond, we are filled with a total tranquility and fulfillment.”

"To others it looks like a place to relax to us the deeper explorer see fun laughter and sexual excitement before our eyes."

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Xplicit Cox Couch Set.

Lovely couch set comes complete woiht the lamp between the sofa and chair and the plant between the sofa and the chair.

The rug and the coffee table all come with the set. And ofc it has many options to choose from for hours days weeks months and years of xplicit fun.

• Original Mesh • 632 animations • Texture menu • Sits 3 people (F, M, MF, FFM and MFM) • It's not mine compatible • Aeros & Physics Compatible.

This set can be found @ Shiny Shabby - August 20th - September 15th

💑 Urls:

Xplicit -Store -

Mp -

Fb -

Flickr -

Website -

Shiny Shabby - ttps://

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